Innovation, improvement, quality
and commitment

Soldatal began its activity in 1998 as a maintenance service company for industrial machinery. During those years we have been immersed in a constant process of learning, investment and growth that has allowed us to become an engineering company able to deal with any manufacturing or industrialisation project with guarantee.

The projects we carry out can be of different sizes: from the manufacturing of industrial furnaces for the treatment of screws in the automotive sector, to the manufacturing of sub-components for the food or lighting industry, among others. All projects are carried out with the most advanced technological resources, together with a highly qualified human team capable of executing, in a comprehensive and thorough manner, any type of request from our clients.


SOLDATAL, is dedicated to the design and production of machinery, products and services, with the highest quality, constantly looking for the continuous improvement of our processes, products and services in order to solve and satisfy the needs of our customers and collaborators, within a framework of professional, respectful and fair relationship.


SOLDATAL through the SDT AIR brand we want to be a European reference in the manufacture and trading of wheels and ventilation components. As well as being world leaders in the manufacture of industrial furnaces and machinery, through the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly machines and products. In this sense, SOLDATAL offers its customers: Commitment to pursue with the development of products and machinery that provide levels of satisfaction to our customers, from the innovation in design, processes and materials, offering a high level of quality of products and processes based on continuous improvement, through a human team, committed and qualified.

Scope of the quality management system

The Quality Management System of Soldatal S.L. complies with the standard ISO 9001: 2015 and includes the following certification scopes:

* Design, manufacture and marketing of turbines and ventilation accessories.

* Design, manufacture and marketing of ovens and industrial machinery.

* Manufacture and commercialization of metallic components.

SOLDATAL - Sistema de gestión ISO 9001:2015

Quality policy

The management of SOLDATAL ensures that needs and expectations of our clients are identified, which become requirements and are fully accomplished to achieve customer satisfaction, including legal and regulatory provisions and thus exceeding the expectations created. The supply of the management system corresponds to the design and production of machinery, products and services. There is on the part of the direction, the firm decision to integrate the quality in the strategy of the company and to have the techniques and tools to pursue a continuous improvement. We try to convince all those involved in “the spiral of quality progress” and all when we compose SOLDATAL that a quality system means a more efficient use of business resources: equipment, materials, information, time, etc., and therefore, supposes lower costs and higher productivity.

We understand that the quality system involves all the employees of the company in any of its functions. For this reason, we paid great attention to the awareness of all the members of the organization.

With employees, SOLDATAL will promote, monitor and empower a good working environment and will work to keep them engaged in the organization and its policy, promoting their training and development in their potential in order to achieve their professional achievements. Will fight for compliance with actions that promotes equal treatment and opportunities in the workplace without distinction of sex or race.

With the suppliers collaborators and agents, SOLDATAL will offer and demand loyalty, professionalism, confidentiality and cooperation to jointly develop procedures to improve our purchasing and management costs, confirming that they always meet our quality and safety requirements as an important part of our processes.

Objectives that are aligned with this policy were specified and will also identify the requirements, resources and schedules for their achievement.

This policy will be subject to periodic review by the management to adjust to the reality of each moment and will be communicated to all the personnel that make up SOLDATAL, as well as any other party that may be interested.

Rev. 02/01/2019

The management,