20 years at your service with
more than 500 projects completed

We develop product engineering or product component projects for our customers, using the best industrial technical solutions at all times.

Product Engineering

Development of machinery, products or components, from their design to their industrialisation. We create the prototypes and perform the necessary tests to prove the functional and quality specifications, and the compliance with the required regulations.

Industrial process

We have the resources and machinery necessary to perform all kinds of operations and finishes in any type of material: iron, stainless, aluminium, etc.

Industrial furnaces

We design and manufacture continuous furnaces for the drying and curing of metal components or screws treated with treated with anti-corrosion paint.

We adapt to the needs of our customers

We collaborate with our customers and participate (wholly or in part) in the life cycle of their products: the conceptual design of the idea, the manufacturing of the prototype and its industrialisation

Product conceptualisation
and development
and production
Prototypes and certifications

Assistance for the expansion and improvement of the production process of industrial furnaces destined to the curing of painted screws with the purchase of a crane bridge.

Assistance for the improvement and optimization of the manufacturing process of industrial equipment with the acquisition of a robotic welding cell.

Assistance for the improvement of production capacity with the acquisition of a set of arrays to manufacture new series of turbines.

Operation: Implementation of local development strategies

Action of the Rural Development Programme of Catalonia 2014-2020, co-financed by: